TDV News – Odonto Magazine – january/2014

Period: january/2014
year 4, nº 36
p. 20

Year-end Message 2013


Dear all,


By ending this year – and closing another cycle – we are glad to share with you the success achieved and celebrate our victories.

After a year of hard work and commitment, we can say that our efforts have been rewarded and this is why we want to thank you: this could only be possible with your cooperation!

In 2013 we expanded our presence in the market and increased our team, keeping the high quality of our products and services.

Meanwhile, we consolidated our participation in key industry events, attending on the most important dental congresses in Brazil and all over the world.

New relationships were built and we established important partnerships with educational institutions and professional associations, at the same time we strengthened the relationship with our customers.

Everything without losing focus on your work.

We also launched the line of Acrylic Resins: modernity in packaging was kept and we invested in a more attractive product communication, following trends. The new product line had an excellent market acceptance, which is the first step for a path of success. For 2014 we expect to have presence in every market we work with.

For the next year, we are preparing even more news for you! Therefore, we are happy to count on your participation to continue bringing solutions, improvements and convenience to your daily work.

We wish you a CHRISTMAS of peace and harmony and a very successful NEW YEAR!

New options in the prosthetic market


One more time, TDV will take part in the International Congress of Prosthetic Technicians, from October 11 th to 13th of 2013. In this 13th edition, two products will be launched: Ortho Resin TDV, self-curing acrylic resin for orthodontics and Isolar TDV, alginate-based insulate for acrylic resins.


Ortho Resin TDV allows customization of orthodontic appliances with development of new shades, uniform polymerization as well as easy finishing and polishing. Moreover, it has excellent mechanical properties, dimensional stability and abrasion resistance.


Isolar TDV, alginate-based insulate, is indicated for both, conventional and microwave techniques use. Fast-drying, it allows the resin an easy separation from the model, leaving a smooth surface.


Nearly 25 years in the dental industry, TDV is attentive to the market needs, seeking excellence in everything it does. It is through the continuous development that new products are lead to the most stringent professionals in more than 60 countries where the company is present.


What: 13th International Congress of Prosthetic Technicians

When:  October 11 th to 13th of 2013

Where: São Paulo/Brazil – Expo Center Norte, Stand J-15

Contact: Thiara Steinert – [email protected]

20 years, 60 countries, Thousands of users assure TDV quality

TDV was born overcoming challenges. The company has been supplying high-quality and innovative products for the cosmetic dentistry market for the past twenty years.

Founded on a committed basis, TDV sought for technology and valued talented human resources. Along with discipline, respect and transparency in the relationship with customers and partners, such investments turned the business in a worldwide recognized company.

The know-how and market confidence achieved over the years allow a continuous growth in the markets where the company already works with, as well as they enable the openness of new ones.

TDV has become a sector’s reference in the markets where is present. Customers from all over the world can find its products in the shelves of more than 60 countries – an evidence of confidence that just increases company’s responsibility and keeps it pushing towards innovation.

Therefore, TDV is starting developing products for the prosthetic market. They are alternatives which offer excellent results: thermo-polymerizable resin for removable or fixed prostheses, thermo-polymerizable resin for repairing and rebasing removable or fixed dental prostheses, resin for making temporary prostheses and resin for making sculptures of casting pattern.

Initially, these products are being launched in Brazil, at the 30th CIOSP (International Dentistry Congress of São Paulo), from january 28th to 31st, but in the near future they will also be available for the foreign markets.

Modernity and efficiency are the guidelines that give the direction to internal and external actions in TDV. Products are developed under a strict quality control and technology research. In doing so, TDV is able to continuously offer inedited solutions, what is essential for professional’s daily life. It is a warranty of the best benefit-cost and customer’s satisfaction.

Alejandro Lareo
Export Manager
[email protected]