28th Academic Week of Dentistry – University of Passo Fundo

From September 24th to 28th occurred the 28th Academic Week of Dentistry of the University of Passo Fundo, in Rio Grande do Sul State.

This year the headline was: “Art integrated to Science and Technology”. TDV has supported the event, which had the presence of around 400 people from the dentistry’s academic community.

We thank very much the participation of everybody!

TDV is visited by students of Odontology from FURB


On June 12th and 19th, TDV was visited by the students of Odontology from the Regional University of Blumenau – FURB (1st and 3rd periods).

During the visit, organized by the Teachers Maria Urânia Alves and Isabel de Andrade, the students had the opportunity to attend a corporate presentation and were led to a tour in the mill, where they could get to know some of the manufacturing processes of TDV.

Finally, the visitors were welcomed by a farewell coffee and received some gifts.

TDV thanks a lot the presence of the distinguished visitors!

TDV is visited by Dentistry students

In October 3rd, TDV was visited by 27 students of Dentistry from FURB – Regional University of Blumenau, SC – accompanied by the Professor Mrs. Maria Urânia Alves.

The students were able to know a little more about company`s history and its products, as well as take a look at the manufacturing process of the products they use in the university.

Everyone was very interested during the visit and the students got delighted with the care the products receive. At the end, it was given them a gift and offered a coffee-break.

TDV thanks to the presence and interest of Professor Mrs. Maria Urânia and her students. The company is flattered with the visit and hopes, in the near future, to be part of the professional life of these students.